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Aswan & Abu Simbel two days trip

Private excursion to Aswan and Abu Simbel | we visit Abu Simbel Temple, Philae Temple, the unfinished Obelisk, the High Dam of Aswan and Kalabsha Temple.
We explore Egypt’s southern gateway to sub-Saharan Africa.

Please note that we offer private tours and the prices depend on the number of participants in your booking. Small groups are only offered subject to availability.

Price from:

256 €

Number of peopleType of carPrice per person
2-3 PersonsPrivate limousine456 € p.P.
4-6 PersonsPrivate mini bus432 € p.P.
5-6 PersonsPrivate mini bus327 € p.P.
7-8 PersonsPrivate mini bus256 € p.P.
DurationTrip TypeAvailabilityPick-up Time
1 night / 2 daysIndividuallyEvery dayat around 05.30 a.m.

Would you like to get to know the southern part of Egypt? Then book Aswan & Abu Simbel two days trip. Aswan, city of charm and natural paradoxes.

Programm of Assuan & Abu Simbel two days trip

  • The Philae Temple
  • The Unfinished Obelisk
  • Aswan High Dam
  • The Abu Simbel Temple
  • The Nefertari Temple

Description for Assuan & Abu Simbel two days trip

We leave the hotel at about 5:30 am and head to Aswan, a distance of about 450 km.

We arrive in Aswan at about 12.00.

On our first day in Aswan, we will visit the Sanctuary of Isis on Phila Island, where beautiful scenery meets history.

We will then visit the high dam that protected Egypt from drought and famine in the recent past. Big and gigantic, like pyramids, it stands there today, a high dam. We will then visit the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan’s most famous granite quarry.
We have a late lunch in Aswan, then check-in at the hotel and overnight in Aswan.

On the second day of the two-day excursion to Aswan Abu Simbel and at about 3 am we will go to Abu Simbel, where the crown of all Egyptian temples is located. You will be fascinated by the pharaohs; The temple complex is very impressive. The drive to Abu Simbel through the Nubian Desert takes about 3 hours. We will return to Aswan at about 12.00, after lunch we will drive back to Hurghada.

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