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Aswan & Edfu Day Private Trip

Private Aswan & Edfu Day Trip allows you to explore the southern part of Egypt.
We visit the Edfu Temple, the Philae Temple, the unfinished Obelisk and we enjoy a Nile excursion to a Nubian village.

Please note that we offer private tours and the prices depend on the number of participants in your booking. Small groups are only offered subject to availability.

Price from:

110 €
Number of peopleType of carPrice per person
2 personsPrivate car180 € p.P.
3-4 personsPrivate mini bus147 € p.P.
5-6 personsPrivate mini bus126€ p.P.
7-8 PersonsPrivate mini bus110 € p.P.
DurationTrip TypeAvailabilityPick-up Time
around 14 hoursGroupEvery dayat around 6 a.m.

Would you like to get to know the southern part of the Nile Valley? But you don’t know how? Nobody offers that!

We make it possible for you with the Aswan & Edfu Day Private Trip.

Program of Aswan & Edfu Day Private Trip

  • The temple of Edfu
  • The Temple of Isis
  • Aswan High Dam
  • Lake Nasser

Description for Aswan & Edfu Day Private Trip

We pick you up from your hotel at around 6:00 a.m. and drive the desert road to Edfu (approx. 240 km from Marsa Alam).

In Edfu we visit the Horus Temple, the best preserved sacred building in Egypt. Our tour guide will tell you, among other things, about the mythical battle between Horus and his uncle Seth …

Then we drive on the country road to Aswan (approx. 100 km).

In a Nubian restaurant beautifully situated on an island, we enjoy the wonderful panoramic view over an oriental lunch.

Then we visit the goddess Isis in her sanctuary on Philae Island. Here you will learn the legendary story of “Isis and Osiris” from your guide.

Then we take the bus to the dam and Lake Nasser. Did the dam only bring benefits to the country? Your guide will answer these and other questions.

We end the day with a sailing boat trip on the Nile and take the bus back to Marsa Alam (approx. 340 km).

Through the Aswan Edfu day trip you will learn and learn a lot about the Egyptian civilization.

Included in the price:

Not included in the price:

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