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Dendera & Abydos Private Day Tour

Dendera & Abydos Private Day Tour is pure culture.
We visit 2 historical cities, Dendera and Abydos.
Abydos, the historic city that lies in the Nile Valley, is a testimony to the birth of a high culture on the Nile.

Please note that we offer private tours and the prices depend on the number of participants in your booking. Small groups are only offered subject to availability.

Price from:

99 €

Number of peopleType of carPrice per Adult
2 Person Private car160 € p.P.
3 - 4 Person Private mini bus140 € p.P.
5 - 6 Person Private mini bus110 € p.P.
7 - 8 Person Private mini bus100 € p.P.
DurationTrip TypeAvailabilityPick-up Time
around 13 hoursGroupEvery dayat around 5:30 a.m.

Enjoy an unforgettable day trip to Dendera and Abydos in the presence of the goddess of love and music Hathor. And also in the presence of the god Osiris. You will take a cultural excursion away from mass tourism for about 8 hours, accompanied by a qualified Egyptologist.

You will visit 2 historical cities: Dendera and Abydos. Abydos, a historic city in the Nile Valley, is a testament to the rise of high culture on the Nile.

Program of Dendera & Abydos Private Day Tour
  • Tempel von Dendera
  • The Temple of Osiris and the Other Temples of Abydos

Description for Dendera & Abydos Private Day Tour

We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning at 5:30 am, drive approx. 250 km to Dendera.

The Dendera temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the goddess of maternal qualities and love. This grand temple is over 2000 years old. In the temple you will visit the holy lake, sanatorium, Mamisi and the only surviving image of Pharaoh Cleopatra. Your guide will also show you beautiful astronomical images on the ceiling and mysterious reliefs in the crypt of the temple.

We leave Dendera Temple and drive for about an hour (100 km) until we arrive in Abydos. We will have lunch in Abydos, then our cultural program begins in this historic city.

The god Osiris was worshiped in Abydos and it was one of the most important religious cities of the ancient world. In the Temple of Abydos, you will learn about the eternal struggle between good and evil, about the myth of Horus and Set.

In the temple of Abydos you can admire very well-preserved reliefs and flowers, images and symbols of hieroglyphs, which are clearly and accurately carved in stone.

The roster of the kings of Abydos and the pharaoh Ramses II with the crown prince hunting wild animals are some of the special scenes in the temple.

After an interesting day, we return to Hurghada.

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