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Egypt Landmarks

Anyone who comes to Egypt will get acquainted with the past of the great nation.

Nowhere in the world can you see and explore so many well-preserved antiquities as in this desolate state. Even in the desert near, for example, Hurghada, you will be reminded of Roman times as soon as you dare to take a little walk.
Some of the more famous landmarks should be named here so you can plan your own round trip itinerary or decide which one you want to see first.

Private Cairo Excursion

Cairo: This vibrant city has it all. Not only are you must see the pyramids that are in Giza (Khefren, Cheops and Mykerinos), as well as the Sphinx with a broken nose and a temple in the valley that can be visited next to the Sphinx, but I especially recommend the visitor to the Khan El Bazaar. Khalili with its maze of a thousand lanes.

Here the real Egypt is a merchant. Here you can still find small workshops of coppersmiths and artisans. From the roof of the old medieval gate of Bab Zuweila opens a unique panorama of Cairo with all its minarets and mosques, as well as high-rise buildings. You should also have seen the Al-Azhaar Mosque, the Muhammad Ali Mosque (also called the Alabaster Mosque) and the beautiful Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Be sure to visit other cultural sites, such as the Egyptian Museum with all its exhibits, the oldest mosque of the 9th century Ibn Tulun (parts of the James Bond film – The Spy Who Loved Me). ((And if you have the opportunity and one of the flea markets is working, then you should not miss it.))
Memphis is in the immediate vicinity, about 18 km from Cairo. This place was once the first capital of Ancient Egypt and has been a World Heritage Site since 1979.

Egypt Excursions - Cairo Tours
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Private Luxor Excursion

Luxor and Karnak: Along with Cairo, Luxor is definitely one of the most famous cities to be on the program. Here the Nile divides the land into east and west banks. The symbol of the life and death of the ancient Egyptians. Here are just a few attractions worth visiting: Temple of Hatshepsut, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, well-preserved Luxor Temple, Ramses III Memorial Temple and Luxor Museum. This museum is not as big as in Cairo, but it houses exquisite exhibits. Only in the Valley of the Kings is Luxor worth visiting. To date, 63 royal tombs have been found here, not all of which have been looted and therefore may be contemporary witnesses.

In general, about Luxor, we can say that here the pharaohs, with great devotion and great ambition, paid tribute to their gods through magnificent buildings, but also erected immortal tombs for themselves.

Egypt Excursions - Luxor Tours
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Private Aswan Excursion

From Luxor we will continue along the Nile by felucca or motorboat to Aswan, which is actually the quietest city in Egypt. The program includes an excursion to the island of Elephantine and to the sacred temple of Philae.
And further along the Nile to Abu Simbel, a rock temple, as well as relics from the time of Ramses 2. Every year at the same time, January 22 and October 22, at sunrise, light falls 60 meters into the temple and envelops three. figures in sunlight: statues of the gods Ptah, Amun, Re and Ramses. Pta, the god of the underworld, always remains in the dark.

Anyone interested in good engineering is sure to be interested in the Aswan Dam, built in the 1960s.
These are just a few of the cultural attractions of Aswan to visit. Also interesting is a visit to the Nubian village, the botanical garden in Aswan and Lake Nasser.

Egypt Excursions to Aswan

But not only are the old towns worth visiting, but a trip to the Siwa oasis, the Dakla oasis with an overnight stay, or a star-studded tour of the white and black desert with its unique formations is always worth it.

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