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Soma Bay Excursions, Activities, Tours & Attractions

Soma Bay Excursions, Activities & Tours High quality excursions in Soma Bay are designed by Memnon Reisen with the BEST service and at fair prices. Day trips from Soma Bay to Luxor, Cairo, Abydos, Dendera and Aswan & Abu Simbel.

We, Memnon Reisen, recommend our guests in the resort of Soma Bay to undertake individual tours and private excursions. With the private excursions and individual tours you can really enjoy the time away from mass tourism.

What excursions can you do in Soma Bay?

Offers and prices Soma Bay excursions:

Trip namePrice from (per person)
From Soma Bay to the pyramids by private carfrom 149 €
Small group excursion from Soma Bay to Cairo.from 99 €
Day trip Soma Bay to Cairo pyramids by planefrom 235 €
Day tour from Soma Bay to Giza, Saqqara & Dahshurfrom 97 €
Day trip from Soma Bay to Luxor by busfrom 99 €
Individual private excursion to the Valley of the Kings from Soma Bayfrom 139 €
Two day tour from Abu Soma Safaga to Luxorfrom 166 €
Private day tour from Soma Bay to Dendera & Abydosfrom 99 €
Custom day trip to Dendera from Soma bay Safagafrom 52 €
Individual excursion from Soma Bay to Aswan and Abu Simbel by private carfrom 247 €
Private boat to snorkel from Soma Bay Safagafrom 376 €
Private boat for snorkeling on Orange Island from Soma Bayfrom 376 €
Paradise Island Snorkeling Excursion from Soma Bay Safagafrom 35 €
Snorkeling trip to Utopia Island in Soma bay & Safagafrom 38 €
Jeep Safari private tour from Soma Bayfrom 65 €
Soma Bay or Safaga Quad bike 5 hours & Camel ridefrom 35 €
Super Safari From Soma Bayfrom 35 €
Hurghada excursion privatefrom 13 €
Dolphin swim from Soma Bay from 35 €
Sharm El Naga Bay Snorkeling Trip From Soma Bayfrom 45€
Sindbad Submarine from Soma Bayfrom 65€

We, Memnon Reisen, organize Soma Bay excursions in small groups or in private with a high standard of service.

Here is our range of Soma Bay excursions:

Egypt Excursions - Cairo Tours From Soma Bay
( 6 Tours )

The best Egypt tours from Abu Soma to Cairo. Day trip to Cairo from Soma Bay, trip to Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara & Dahshur, day trip to Giza & Cairo by plane ✈️ and two days from Soma Bay to Cairo.

Egypt Excursions - Luxor Tours From Luxor
( 3 Tours )

The best Egypt excursions from Soma Bay to Luxor are day trip Soma Bay to Luxor by car, two day trip from Soma Bay to Luxor, Luxor trip with a difference from Soma Bay.

Soma Bay Activities, Excursions and Tours

We offer you –  top 8 tours and excursions in Soma Bay with the best service!

Snorkeling Trips in Soma Bay

We offer you the BEST snorkeling excursions in Soma Bay like Orange Bay excursion, Paradise island excursion, Soma Bay to Abu Dabbab, Sharm El Naga excursion, Soma Bay dolphin swim.

Soma Bay Speed Boats Tours- Bullet Speedboats

Safari Tours and Excursions from Soma Bay

We offer the top rated desert safari excursions from Soma Bay such as jeep safari to Bedouin village, quad & ATV drive Soma Bay and Super Safari excursion from Soma Bay.

Hurghada & El Gouna Individual City Tours
( 2 Tours )

Hurghada City Tour from Soma Bay + El Gouna City Tour from Soma Bay.

Egypt Excursions - from Soma Bay to Dendera and Abydos
( 2 Tours)

We offer you the best Egypt excursions from Soma Bay to Dendera & Abydos such as Excursion Dendera from Soma Bay and Day trip from Soma Bay to Abydos & Dendera.

Egypt Excursions - from Soma Bay to Aswan

From Soma Bay to Abu Simbel & Aswan in a small group or by private car.

Egypt Excursions - from Soma Bay to St Anthony and St Paul Monasteries

From Soma Bay to the monasteries of Saint Antonios & Saint Paulus.

Egypt Excursions, Tours & Activities

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